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The perception of North Shore Real Estate has changed completely from the late 90's. Viewed mainly as an old country town a decade ago, the North Shore, is now a highly desired neighborhood for both investors and homebuyers. North Shore has also been the focal point of movies and television shows that film in Hawaii, most recently the resort based series appropriately named "North Shore".

Haleiwa, North Shore's main town, has a "country town" appeal and world famous beaches with waves that attract tourists from thousands of miles away. Many of the restaurants and small retail stores are family owned and lining the streets are many local merchants selling anything from fresh pineapples and coconuts to shell necklaces. In Haleiwa you get a real sense of what Hawaii was like many decades ago.

In an old fashioned town like Haleiwa where life seems to move at a much slower pace one would expect the cost of homes and condos to be rather inexpensive. Well, this is not the case, as sales of single family homes average $800,000 and condos around $360,000. There are also many parcels of vacant land available if a buyer prefers to build a personal estate. Multi-million dollar personal estates are becoming more and more popular, throughout the North Shore, with celebrities and the extremely wealthy.

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